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Monday, January 24, 2005

Gee...it must be monday...

Ya know...this is just not how you want to start the day... It would be one thing if we had a bunch of extra machines laying around and people to tend to this stuff.

Ask on a friggin SATURDAY for a new machine by MONDAY? What kind of bullcrap is this???

an email from one of our project leads...
Please create a {vanity-domain.org} email address for {new user} that associates him with Ivory Tower Inc.

{user} will begin work with us on Monday as project manager of the {cryptic name} initiative and will need a workstation in the {super-secret} office area. PHB1 is working with PHB2 on determining which office he will occupy. {user}'s workstation will need the minimum computer requirements and plugins necessary for accessing the {project software}, including the new foreign languages package, {package name} -- as well as the {super-super-secret} environment (including the {even more super secret} tool). {user} can tell you more precisely what these requirements are.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Don’t TELL me “We’re all busy”! - Updated

’ve just had it. Completely and totally had it. We bust our butts trying to keep this place together and have some how managed in spite of the 47.5:1 support ratio. BUT…understand…those 47.5 users are not competent users by any stretch. There are some that are reasonably computer literate but the VAST majority sincerely believe that including OUTLOOK on a resume is a qualification to be proud of.

We’ve been tasked with a major hardware migration in preparation for an AD implementation. I have 14 servers to shuffle around….7 of those 14 are web application servers. There’s one person on staff to do this work….did I mention there are TWO of us? Oh…and we must maintain the same level of support as always. A user’s workstation rolls over…again…and we’re supposed to drop everything and jump on that to get them back up and running. Oh…the High Potentate wants VPN access from her home, “I’m running Windows 98 at home so you shouldn’t have a problem.” sigh.

If anyone out there wants a Network AdminPen TesterIncident Handler drop me a note. I can start immediately….ok I won’t do that but I’m beginning to wonder about the level of support we really have around here.

UPDATE: about 20 minutes after writing this I found an IM waiting for me. I have a friend with an insider at a federal contractor for a local military base!