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Monday, April 11, 2005

When ITE's go off half cocked...

Ya just gotta love this. ITE's function best when treated like mushrooms while the rest of us who actually DO the work are, well, DOING the work.

Recently an evil bad guy(EBG) did some bad things to a super secret project here at Ivory Tower Inc which resulted in two seperate issues that had to be dealt with. One of our brilliant Security people took on the task of finding out what the EBG had done, when EBG did it, and what damage was caused(issue 1) and began the process of reviewing certain policies to insure Ivory Tower Inc could mitigate this threat in the future(issue2). One of the findings from Issue 1 was some passwords needed to be reset. Security person made the appropriate PHB aware and was *TOLD* the situation was rectified. A week passed. Brilliant Security Person(BSP) asked Not-Quite-Handsome Webgeek(NQHW) to check and sure enough the passwords had not been changed. BSP almost lost what little mind remained in BSP's much abused cranium and started firing off emails to the FFV's. One of which resulted in a particular ITE's mushroom being jiggled and ITE raised it's head and said something utterly stupid...as ITEs will do.

ITE seems to have real ownership issues because ITE accused BSP of sidestepping ITE and ITE's Keeper(also known as Virtual-PHB). Here's where the whole mushroom thing comes in. BSP thought it best to keep PHB's of all flavors in the dark while BSP worked out what had to be done. Since the other PHB had requested the FFV's to make the password change and BSP had no reason to distrust PHB(ahem), BSP assumed the password change had taken place or was in the works. When FFVs of all flavors revealed they had never recieved such a request BSP fired off the emails. ITE took exception and "reminded" BSP that "we will review" typically means all ITE's and PHB's get involved.

ITE doesn't know excrement from shinola. ITE has spent too much time looking at picture history books. ITE found out that you don't speak ill against BSP without getting smacked.

Note to ITE: "I was tasked by my PHB with taking care of this. When we talk with FFV's about EBG you are invited to attend"

untyped message to ITE: "STFU you arrogant little swine, when I'm ready to deal with you you'll know it."

This will more than likely be updated tomorrow...


Blogger DeepThroat said...

So...in addition to being a web services expert, ITE is now the authority on matters of security.

7:16:00 AM  

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