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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

PHB's Strike again

I'll be brief here, but a little explanation is due...
(as I am new here, please edit any of my follies)

PHB decided that it would be a good thing to take one professional from their employment and move him/her to another employer, in hopes of consolidating their AP.

In theory, this isn't a bad idea, but the steps taken to make this happen were as underhanded as Sandi taking documents out of the Clinton library. The professional was told that this was the move that they wanted, but they didn't want the professional to tell his employer what was going on! This also took away the professionals choice of who he cared to work for...if he wanted to stay in the Ivory Tower...which he did. So the professionals client is thus telling him who he will work for.

If this was discussed openly to get the professionals view point, I wouldn't have a problem with it. But telling someone that they are moving you to another employer for their purposes is reprehensible.

I work for my client through my employer. I would flat out say no to my client if this was proposed to me in this same fashion.

The rub! The PHB got his wish, but the professional decided to go elsewhere. Now PHB is in a bad spot! Horray for the professional! Hate to see him leave though.


Blogger SecretAgent said...

Oh dear. Don't ya just hate that? Poor poor PHB got it's trap reversed on them.

Professional = my favorite constituent of Al-Kennedy?

8:28:00 PM  

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