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Friday, September 23, 2005


How exactly does one become an ITE? It can't be an arduous application. Case in point...

During a recent shindig in a far away location, events were planned out with great success....kind of. The majority of these events required specific presentation hardware to be in place at specific times. Several ITE's were present, and because of their stature within the tower, they felt that they had the freedom to take whatever they wanted, when they wanted. In this case presentation equipment.

This presented an environment where not only the Simple-Minded Employee's (SME) were running around looking for equipment, but also the ITE's. No security was in place, and no accountability was observed.

Is this not part of ITE 101? To be able to coordinate events and equipment with some degree of competency? To plan the movement of equipment and delegate the personnel to have it done?

I find it funny that an Under Paid Contractor (UPC) was able to take control of the situation, finding all the lost equipment and set up each presentation on time, while a few ITE's were sitting there scratching their heads wondering what to do, and what went wrong.

Did I get a thank you? I think not.

I think I would like to be an ITE. It pays better, and I don't have to do anything difficult or responsible.